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2022 Session Categories

Please take a look at our proposed session categories for the 2022 Wellness Symposium, below.

Additionally, please click to view our final Symposium Session Schedule.

Wellness Area Session
Mental/Emotional Wellness

Grief and Loss Support Forum for Undergraduate Students

"Burn Bright Not Out" support forum for graduate and Professional Students

Connecting and Coping

Performance Lab I3

"Loved Ones with Serious Illness" - A Support Forum for Graduate and Professional Students

Mindfulness Studio

Foundations of Well-Being

Healthy Relationships & Healthy Boundaries

Reinvigorate with Holistic Self-Care

Physical Wellness

Yoga Sessions: Hatha Flow Yoga, Community Yoga, Family Yoga, Vinyasa Flow

Cardio Sessions: Below the Belt Bootcamp, Cardio Dance, Cardio Kickbox, Cycle Fit

Additional Sessions: Barre Fit, Pilates Mat, Breath & Barre, Strong Nation

Social Wellness

Connecting Confidently and Building Relationships

Graduate Women in Science & Engineering (WISE)

Road to Resilience for First-generation college students

APIMEDA Community Forum

Latinx Support Forum for Graduate and Professional Students

LGBTQ Community Forum for Graduate and Professional Students

Black Students Community Forum for School of Medicine, Pharmacy, and Graduate and Professional Students

Latinx/Chicanx Cafecito Hour

Intercultural Social Hour // Winter Wellness (ISPO)


Farmers Market

Financial & Academic Wellness

Financial Literacy

Academic Success Strategies

Habit Rewiring

Preventative/Substance Recovery

What is Recovery on Campus?

Party Safe, Party Smart