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Symposium Session Schedule

Please view our 2022 Wellness Symposium schedule of sessions for both days.

Featured Speaker Recordings

Featured Faculty Speaker, Karen Dobkins

Karen Dobkins obtained her Ph.D. in Neuroscience in 1992 and joined the UC San Diego community as a Professor of Psychology in 1995. Her main area of study has been perceptual and brain development in children but her most recent research passion is in Mindfulness and mental well-being. Outside of teaching, Dr. Dobkins designs daycare centers in Europe that focus on enhancing mental well-being for children through carefully chosen designs and mindful pedagogy. She leads mindfulness workshops at UCSD with the goal of teaching people how to be "free".

Featured Student Speakers, Hema Kopalle and Isaac Lara

Hema Kopalle
Hema Kopalle (she/her) is a scientist, educator, and public servant from California’s Bay Area. She has worked in Mental Health, Equity Diversity & Inclusion, and Accessible Education for more than 10 years. Hema is currently employed as a Graduate Student Researcher in the Yeo Lab, where she studies activity-dependent RNA localization in neurons.

Isaac Lara
Isaac Lara (he/him) is a fourth-year clinical psychology and global health undergraduate student. As the current Vice President of Campus Affairs for Associated Students, he has actively worked to connect student communities with resources and campus partners to ensure students are heard. Previously serving as AVP of Health & Well-Being, Isaac has championed the Student Mental Health Fee, ensuring access to mental health services improves; partnered with the SHWAB Cluster to develop a peer to peer support program; as well as consistently advocate for new inclusive forms of outreach to destigmatize mental illness for BIPOC communities.

Featured Guest Speaker, Angelia Trinidad: Our Story | Passion Planner

After graduating from UCLA, first generation, queer, Filipina American, Angelia “Angel” Trinidad, found herself depressed, struggling to find direction. With the motto: Action Cures Fear, she took the leap and created Passion Planner, a paper life coach, from her parents' garage. Since then, Passion Planner has helped 1,500,000 people live their purpose with less stress and more fun. Now, a thriving multimillion dollar company, Passion Planner gives back through a growing Get One, Give One program, donating over 500,000 planners each year to empower schools and NPOs all around the world.

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

9:00 – 10:00AM

Faculty Speaker: Dr. Karen Dobkins         

Session Location: Ballroom B, Price Center
Webinar Access: Zoom Link

Humans can be lonely creatures; separated by the boundaries of our skin, splitting by differing identities and preferences, trying to share experiences through an archaic system of symbols called language.

The answer to loneliness is not simply to find “belonging” in the conventional sense; by surrounding ourselves with others or being solely comforted by joining groups with similar identities/preferences as our own.  Rather, the antidote to loneliness is “true” connection, with the two main ingredients being 1) seeing ourselves as more limitless than our identities/preferences, and 2) radically honest, and healthy boundaries, communication with others.

This is a new way of being that will feel really weird at first.  This is going to be a heart-opening, yet entirely logical, experience.  Are you in?

10:00 – 11:00AM

Mindful Movement: Ria Coen Gilbert

Session Location: Bear Room

Through the combination of movement and breathwork, open the body in a restorative way that will leave you feeling aligned, balanced and centered, both physically and mentally. Bring a yoga mat.

10:30 - 11:30AM

Student Speakers: Hema Kopalle and Isaac Lara

Session Location: Ballroom B, Price Center
Webinar Access: Zoom Link

Students Hema Kopalle and Isaac Lara will share their student experiences in this panel session. They will discuss how to find community from their respective lenses as a graduate and undergraduate student. Furthermore, there will be engagement with the audience for everyone to share how students are learning how to find community in a virtual and/or hybrid environment.

11:00AM – NOON

The Financial Literacy You DIDN'T Learn in School: Creating equity for all: Dr. Dana Pysz 

Session Location: Online (LINK)

This presentation will teach financial literacy around topics rarely taught in school, but rather we must learn them on our own, from our family, friends, or trial and lots of error. We will explore using credit cards, saving money especially if you live on-campus, how to build a good credit score, how to prepare to buy a house/car in the future, and touch on investing tools.

Habit Re-Wiring: Christine Glissmann       

Session Location: Ballroom A, Price Center
Webinar Access: Zoom Link

Interested in changing habits? Join Christine, a Health Educator in Health Promotion Services, in a habit rewiring session. Learn how a habit is formed, the golden rules of habit change, and receive a workbook to help you start your journey!

12:30 – 3:30PM

Resource Fair

Session Location: Plaza, Price Center

You will be able to interact with several campus partners at the Plaza. Learn more about resources available on this campus that will help you develop a holistic approach to your wellness.

1:00 – 2:00PM

Invigorate with Holistic Self-Care: Jae Taylor

Session Location: Ballroom A, Price Center
Webinar Access: Zoom Link

Start the quarter off by placing self-care as a priority. Jae Taylor – a Health Promotion Services Mental Health Educator – will share different types of self-care to enhance our physical, emotional, social, spiritual and intellectual well-being.

2:00 – 3:00PM

Connecting Confidently and Building Relationships: Dr. Alyssa Hufana and Dr. Tiffany O’Meara

Session Location: Ballroom A, Price Center
Webinar Access: Zoom Link

In this fun and interactive workshop, Dr. Tiffany O’Meara and Dr. Alyssa Hufana will discuss strategies for connecting confidently.  Topics will include how to present yourself with confidence, strategies to start and maintain conversations, and how to deepen relationships through authentic communication.

5:00 – 6:00PM

Featured Speaker: Angelia Trinidad

Session Location: Ballroom B, Price Center
Webinar Access: Zoom Link

Our Wellness Symposium featured speaker is CEO, founder, UCLA alumna, and community-made millionaire, Angelia Trinidad. Join our discussion on what it means to prioritize your wellness, evaluate your relationships with other people, and what wellness looks like to the Passion Planner community. We will be giving away 500 passion planners at her lecture.

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

8:00 – 9:00AM

Own It! How to Create a Sense of Belonging Through Overcoming Imposter Syndrome: Maria Nessim

Session Location: Red Shoe Room, Price Center

Imposter Syndrome is a very real and very scary feeling. The presenter will share the effects of imposter syndrome and ways to turn imposter syndrome into an uplifting and encouraging experience by providing practices that reshape our thinking. Participants will be encouraged to engage in dialogue on their experiences with imposter syndrome as well.

9:00 – 10:00AM

Students with Dependents: Maria Nessim

Session Location: Red Shoe Room, Price Center

Students with Dependents are any student that is caring for a child (or children), parents, spouse, sibling, or other family member. Come learn about the various resources available to students with dependents and how to get involved!

sunRISE Session: Yoga for Body Wisdom 

Session Location: Bear Room, Price Center

Presenting a CAPS & Recreation partnership yoga class.  Join in our sunRISE community for a well-being and movement-based session designed to both ground and inspire you. Start your week by creating a growth mindset and setting your intentions. Bring a mat or towel and see you there Tritons!


Session Location: Online

You will be given the opportunity to interact with other UC San Diego community members at the virtual Loft. Login using your AD credentials to learn more about the Wellness Symposium, see the schedule of virtual events, and to be entered into a giveaway for a chance to win a gift card.

Please view the Gathertown page for instructions on how to join.

10:00AM – NOON

Farmer’s Market

Session Location: Town Square, Price Center

The Farmer’s Market will give you the opportunity to learn about sustainability and healthy eating habits. Attendees will be able to pick up healthy snacks as they partake in the Market.

NOON – 1:00PM

Community Yoga: Carly Hilbert

Session Location: Bear Room, Price Center

Find a sense of community within and without in this gentle asana practice. Bring a yoga mat.

1:00 – 2:00PM

Academic Success Strategies: Laura Ross

Session Location: Red Shoe Room, Price Center

Over half of UCSD students struggle with procrastination. Attend this virtual engaging workshop on tips to minimize procrastination while maximizing academic success, time management, and study skills.

2:00 – 3:00PM

Healthy Relationships & Healthy Boundaries: Melissa McGuire

Session Location: Red Shoe Room, Price Center

Learn what a healthy relationship looks like and how to be a good partner at Health Promotion Service’s “Healthy Relationships and Healthy Boundaries” presentation

What is Recovery on Campus?: Morgan Humberger

Session Location: Green Table Room, Price Center

Presented by the UC San Diego Collegiate Recovery Coordinator, this workshop will explain what recovery is, what the collegiate recovery community is doing on campus, and ways to support fellow Tritons in recovery. Join to learn more about how you can get connected with Tritons in Recovery.

3:00 – 4:00PM

Party Safe, Party Smart: Christine Glissmann

Session Location: Red Shoe Room, Price Center

If you choose to use, Health Promotion Services wants you to have the best time and stay as safe as possible. Christine, our Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs Health Educator will go over strategies to stay safe if you are using or taking care of friends, overdose symptoms, limited amnesty, and how to talk to someone when you are concerned about their drug use.